I Witness – Einzelausstellung

Gudrun J. Gottstein paints her topics fascinated by movement, strength, dynamics and the daily choreography of life. Hence time and again her motifs are witnessed everyday life and chance encounters – or generally “matter in motion”.

In April 2013 Gudrun J. Gottstein started her interactive art-project “mit fremden Augen” (“through other eyes”). She has asked via the www for motifs like chance encounters, movements in general, people on their way, passing, walking, running. People from all over the world sent their photographies to the artist, who handled them in her paintings.

Gudrun J. Gottstein provides powerful and emotional interpretations by an expressive style of work. Often she is using tall sizes for her oil-on-canvas pictures. Typically she paints with a strong and almost “masculine” flow. The colors emphasize the atmosphere of the topic, enlarging expressiveness without getting contourlessly.

For her indian ink works, the artist is using a hachuring style. Thereby she draws with extended hachures her themes, providing a rhythmical, shimmering design.

The company “Deloitte and Touche GmbH” in Frankfurt on Main enables from March 18th to May 19th one of the broadest exhibitions of the latest artist’s paintings formed in the art-project.


A visit during the office hours is possible by prior arrangement.

Please contact:
Tel.: +49 (0)69 75 695 01
Deloitte & Touche GmbH
Franklinstraße 50
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